Tuesday, January 10, 2012

26, 24, 22?

Our dinner last night was so good! (I know that it's not the greatest picture, but it's just so much quicker to use my camera phone.)

Last night, I made mini veggie pizzas. Artichokes, tomatoes and cheese. Yum, yum, yum!

Tonight is an exciting night! I am going bridesmaid dress shopping with my friends! I'm nervous and excited, just like I was yesterday about the softball roster.

I'm excited for the obvious reason; one of my best friends is getting married and I'm so happy to be there for her during this time!

I'm nervous because I don't know if they will have my size in whatever dresses we find today, in the event she wants me to try one on. Another reason why I am nervous is because I don't even know which size to ask for! 26, 24, 22? I have no idea where I stand right now, dress size wise.

I am also not sure if she will want me to buy the dress today, if we find one. I won't know what size to buy. Should I be so bold to buy a size smaller? I have 8 months to lose about 50 pounds. That would bring down to 198. I was a size 18 when I was at that weight, but I think that I wore a size 20 dress at the time. It seems so early to be making final dress decisions!

Like I said, I am excited and nervous! I just can't wait to be in the store, looking at our options!

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