Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Business Trip: Day Two

This morning started off on a not so great note. I found that I packed two different heels for the conference today, both being the right foot. That's what I get for packing in a hurry! Good thing I had some flats with me, too!

I took some stealthy pictures with my phone throughout the day. My breakfast, pictured above, consisted of half a bagel and a apricot/nut mix.

There was a buffet lunch, and I feel like I chose wisely.

After lunch, I sat through a four hour workshop. It was pretty informative.

On break, they provided snacks such as m&ms, malt balls, skittles, soft pretzels, etc. There were slushies available, too! I was good, however, and only got a few m&ms and one small pretzel.

For dinner, we ate at the Allen Street Grill. Our conference is taking place at Penn State. For anyone who saw on the news, Joe Paterno's memorial service was yesterday and today. What a week to have our conference here, right? There were news crews all around and there was a definite feeling of "silence" in the hustle an bustle on the streets.

For dinner, I had a bowl of crab bisque and some calamari, along with a large steak salad.

I didn't eat all of the salad, it actually wasn't as good as it looks. I think the blu cheese dressing ruined it.

Just a little bit ago, we went out for root beer floats. I definitely overindulged on this trip, and I'm going to accept whatever gain I end up with this week. I know this doesn't occur every week, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it! We had fun and enjoyed ourselves. However, I just can't wait to get back home and in to my routine again on Friday!

One more workshop tomorrow morning, then we travel back home tomorrow afternoon!

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