Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gained 3 Pounds Overnight

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, otherwise known as the day that I ate so much chocolate that I gained 3 pounds overnight. Okay, so I guess the overnight weight gain was not just from the chocolate covered strawberries and sponge candy; we went out for dinner, too; which brings me to my sad confession that I did not make it to the gym last night, and I didn’t follow my meal plan for dinner, either. Valentine’s day caught me off guard. My husband was entirely too sweet to me this year, showering me with gifts, roses and a nice dinner out. I got carried away with it all, and even though I gained weight from it, I do not regret it. It was one day out of the year, and it was a romantic one at that.

When I say romantic, I mean my husband surprised me at work with flowers...

... and he surprised me at home with some blu rays that I have been wanting!

This afternoon, I am leaving work early to attend my neurologist appointment, that in which I have been dreading for months. My neurologist is going to want me to do another MRI to see if there have been any changes since my last one in December, 2011. He is also going to have me submit more blood work in a few weeks, as my Vitamin D level was dangerously low. Another reason that I have been dreading this appointment is because I am going to have to confess that I haven’t been taking my copaxone injections, and I must inform him that I don’t plan on taking them anymore, either. I am going to ask that we try the healthy living/vitamin approach. I really dislike using medication in any form these days, so despite multiple sclerosis taking away so much from me, I feel as if I can take advantage of the one thing I do have control of anymore, which is my ability of choice. I am choosing to hold off on the painful daily injections until I see for myself if I can manage this disease in a natural way. I know that the odds aren’t in my favor, but this is my wish.

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