Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From "Not Gonna" to "Can't Stop"!

I was extremely tired at work yesterday. My throat was sore and I was just beat. I was relieved when it was finally over. I had decided on the ride home that I would not be doing W4D2 of the C25K program, as originally planned. The last thing that I felt like doing after the day that I had was exercising. I felt good with my decision and went on with my evening. When I got home, I made fish for dinner with a side salad. I started tracking my food on Sparkpeople when I decided that I would give W4D2 a shot, after all.

I went to the gym and I completed W4D2 with minor difficulty. When I was finished, I had gone just under 2 miles. I was feeling good, and didn't want to stop just yet. I went from "not gonna" to "can't stop"! I decided to run/walk for an entire hour which brought me to 3.11 miles. I completed a 5K on a night when I had decided that I wasn't going to work out. Not too bad!

Please bare with my blurry iPhone pictures.

Sweaty, red, and happy after completing 5K in 60 minutes.

Today, I've got a meeting out of town and I'm planning on eating at subway for lunch. I am a little sore after my workout from yesterday, but feeling good for the most part!

How often do you workout? I try to work out at least 3 times a week.

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