Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sigh of Relief

Ahhh. I am sighing in relief. I am feeling a lot less stressed today than I was feeling yesterday. My stress reducing technique began last night, immediately proceeding work. First, I drove directly to our nearest Charming Charlie's and bought a new scarf for myself.
I'm wearing my new scarf today.

After buying myself a new scarf (and a birthday present for a friend) I went home and did the dishes. Doing the dishes made me feel a little better. I felt guilty for getting so behind on them. After doing the dishes I went to visit my sister at her first day of work at a local ice cream stand. She made one of her very first cones on the job for me.

The cone that my sister made for me.

It didn't look pretty, but it tasted just the same; delicious! After visiting my sister, we went back home to eat dinner. After dinner, I played with our new puppy and then swept and mopped all of the floors. I was trying to keep the goals that I outlined yesterday in mind. My goals this week are to balance my attention between the new puppy, our other dog, my husband, my meal plans, my exercise plans and housework. This is a challenge for me but like I mentioned yesterday, these goals are important because:

Time spent with the puppy, our other dog and my husband makes me and them happy.
Time spent on my meal plans and exercise plans takes me closer to my weight loss goals.
Time spent on housework brings me outer order, which in turn brings me inner peace.

After doing that getting my housework done yesterday, I felt even more relieved. The housework was stressing me out and now that our house is clean again, I feel empowered. Another reason why I am feeling better today is that I actually got some decent sleep last night. The puppy didn't bark once last night because we moved him in to the bathroom. It's a lot bigger than the kennel and I think that he liked that arrangement more. Sleep is so important for feeling good and losing weight. Just to prove that, I stepped on the scale this morning and I am down another pound (234.2). The only thing that I didn't manage to fit in to yesterday was exercise. I did vigorously scrub the floors, but it was the type of exercise that I wanted. Even though I didn't reach all of my goals, I am still closer to obtaining and maintaining that balance that I crave so badly!

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