Friday, June 1, 2012

How Can I Throw This Food Away?

Last night was a great evening! My husband and I played softball and burned a good amount of calories on the field. Afterwards, we relaxed on our stone patio by the pond with a nice adult beverage. I have been loving the weather we have been getting lately. It is so much fun to be outside, lately!

My cold beer after practicing softball with my husband.

Today I ordered sesame chicken from a local Chinese restaurant for lunch. I literally had nothing to pack for lunch, so ordering out was my option. I felt myself getting full halfway though the meal. You can see from the picture below that they are very generous with their lunch specials.

Sesame chicken: one of my greatest weaknesses.

I continued eating even after I was full, but then I decided "NO!"; I wasn't going to treat my body like a garbage can. Right before I decided to throw the food in the real garbage can, I felt a flood of emotion come over me. I felt anxious and guilty all at once. I thought to myself, "how can I throw this food away when there are people who are hungry all over the world." The emotion that I felt was so strong I almost picked up my fork and finished the meal. Surprised by the intense emotion; I quickly snapped a picture of the leftovers with my phone and tossed the food in the trash can before I could think about it any longer.

The food that I couldn't finish.

I still feel guilty about not eating the food, but I thought about it and I believe that I would have felt guilty if I would have finished the food, too. What is a girl to do? Stop ordering the sesame chicken lunch special, I suppose!

Me, with my new necklace at work.
Besides the lunch situation, I am feeling good today. I am wearing a new necklace that I bought along with my new scarf the other day. I have gotten a few compliments on it so I do believe that I will be wearing this jewelry with my black dress for my friends bachelorette party at the end of the month.

Another reason that I am feeling good today is because I have lost another 2 pounds from my gain two weeks ago. Whenever I stepped on the scale this morning I saw that I was back down to 232.8 this morning. I am hoping to maintain this loss for my weigh-in on Sunday. If I put my mind to it, I can do it!

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