Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Must Be Crazy!

I must be crazy! Did you know that yesterday was National Running Day? Well, I found that out after reading an article yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m. The crazy thing is that by 3 p.m. I was registered for a 5K. Want even more crazy? The 5K that I signed up for is only 10 days away!
As a part of my 25 by 25 List, I need to complete my first 5K before I turn 25 in February, 2013. I was registered for a 5K in April this year; however, I caught pneumonia and couldn’t walk, let alone run. I was so upset that I had to miss that 5K, I haven’t run since. With this 5K being only 10 days away, that is about to change, fast!
After reading the article on National Running Day, I was inspired to give my dream of completing my first 5K another shot. I searched my local running club’s events to find that I could either register for an event 10 days away or 4 months away. There was no way I was going to wait another 4 months. I am motivated to do it now! The 5K that I signed up for is called the Sunset Shuffle, also known as the Ice Cream Run. That pretty much sold it for me. It’s a “fun run” that starts at 7:15 p.m. After the run there is an “after-party” which includes a DJ, hot dogs and ice cream. I now believe that I missed my first 5K for a reason (other than being sick with pneumonia); this Ice Cream Run was meant to be my first 5K, naturally.
Last night my husband and I went to the track and jogged/walked 1 1/2 miles in 30 minutes. We are hoping to complete the 5K in about 60 minutes next Saturday.

Me, after walking/jogging 1 1/2 miles last night.
During the last lap on the track we both started talking about dinner, only we weren't talking about the steak salads that were originally planned for dinner. Instead, we were talking about deep fried chicken wings, cheesy breadsticks, deep fried zucchini dipped in ranch, and pizza. We were basically drooling as we walked to the car, but we stayed strong. I said "if we aren't satisfied after our steak salads, we'll talk about ordering something". Our steak salads were huge and ended up being really filling. I'm glad that we stuck with the meal plan. It was really good, and really good for us!

My steak salad made with spinach.


  1. That 5k sounds like fun! Good luck!

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