Saturday, June 16, 2012

Photo Update from our "Vacation"

Okay, so I went on a business trip this past week and I brought my little (16 year old) sister with me. The plan was to fit in as much fun stuff around my meetings to make it seem as if we were on a vacation instead of a business trip; I think we succeeded.

My mom bought us matching cups before we left on the trip. I love them!

My little sister drove half of the way. This was bitter sweet! How is she old enough to drive?!

The hotel welcomed us with brownies and cookies. My sister took one for the team and ate them all; including her package of mini donuts. I don't know why she is the skinny one!

After arriving at the hotel, we decided to get dressed to go jogging in downtown Harrisburg!

It was about 80 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. Beautiful!

As we approached this bridge, we decided to jog the entire way to the other side.

I wouldn' t have made it if it weren't for my sister telling me "you can do it; just keep going" the entire second half of the bridge. I love this girl!

Our victory photo after jogging the entire bridge behind us!

My first time jogging 1/4 mile straight through!

After that, we changed and went to starbucks to refuel before going to see a movie. Yes, I poured my green tea in to my cute cup because it is my favorite! :)

After the movie we went to Applebees for dinner. I had a house salad to start.

I had the shrimp and sirloin with potatoes and broccoli.

My sister had cheese sticks, tacos and mini burgers.

We each got a little cup of dessert.

The next day, after my meetings, we went shopping where I got this new watch.

We got pedicures, and it was my sisters first one!

I also got a great deal on this dress (originally $90 got it for $14!)

After shopping, my sister and I went to eat at the Firehousein downtown Harrisburg. The appetizer we chose was stuffed peppers, escargot stuffed mushrooms with some sort of duck (which are the meatball looking things!)

Since my sister is able to drive me around, I had a glass of wine and the calamari and steak salad. It was delicious and came in a really cool bowl!

After dinner, we went to the movies, yet again!

The next day we made sure to grab lunch at panera bread before leaving for home!

I tried the mediterranean veggie sandwich and their house salad. They were both really good!

After that, it was time to go on to Electric Avenue. Just kidding, we saw that sign and couldn't help ourselves. We arrived back home last night and even though I had an awesome time in Harrisburg, nothing beats coming back home!

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