Friday, July 20, 2012

My Bitter Sweet Break-Up

It's official; I sent the letter in the mail today. I am breaking up with my gym.

We've had some good times, don't get me wrong. I actually wrote the letter cancelling our gym membership yesterday but kept it in my purse until this morning. I almost didn't send it. I felt a sense of panic after I addressed the envelope and almost lost my nerve. I had a variety of thoughts running through my mind, such as, "Maybe we can work this out after all?" "I really did love going to the gym when we would go!" "What if by cancelling my gym membership, I stop exercising all-together?" "What if I completely regret cancelling our membership, just to go back and sign-up with new start-up fees?". With all of these thoughts running through my mind, I decided to sleep on it. This morning, when I put the letter in the mail to be delivered, I felt a sense of relief. It's over; after three years of ups and downs, I can finally move on.

You may wonder why I have decided to cancel our gym membership. Truth be told, we have only gone to the gym a handful of times this year and it just doesn't make sense to pay $50/month for something we use so infrequently. Could I have worked the gym in to my schedule more? Yes, I believe I could have. Did I feel guilty for not going to the gym? Yes, too guilty; it consumed me at times! Every time that I would go for a walk or a run outside, I would feel guilty. I would think "I should be doing this at the gym that we are paying for each month!" Sometimes the guilt of not using the gym would keep me from exercising all together. I decided that I don't need to pay for my own personal guilt trip any longer. I am finally getting rid of our "fat tax" (as my husband has called it these past few months - he was right). I can now exercising whenever I want outside without worry that I am wasting money. I feel more free.

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  1. lol I thought you where going to say you and your husband where having problems. At least know you will have extra $$ to spend on things you do use. You can do it!!