Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Snacks

Last night my husband and I went for a 20 minute bike ride. I had eaten well within my nutritional ranges for the day, until I got home from that ride. We were both really hungry so we had a couple random snacks from what we had around the house. I really need to go grocery shopping, tonight!

Chocolate covered strawberries

Ham and cheese roll-ups
Even though we both felt like we could have kept going with random snacks last night, we stopped there.

I am doing my best to make the most out of what we have left in the house. I had a salad with two hard boiled eggs and ranch for lunch. I had string cheese for a snack and my friend at work gave me some jello. For breakfast I scored when I found a lara bar that I had forgotten about. It was chocolate chip cookie dough; one of my favorites!
My mom offered that we go over there for dinner tonight. She made zucchini bake. It sounds really good! We may just take her up on that offer and use the time that I usually would have been cooking to go grocery shopping, instead!

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