Monday, September 24, 2012

An Evening I Will Never Forget

I started to share this experience in my blog yesterday but decided that it needed a blog for itself. My husband of three years decided to plan something very special for our anniversary. He was not able to spend time with me on the night of our actual anniversary because of a mandatory meeting with work. Instead, he spent all week planning a special dinner for the two of us and kept it a surprise for me. I spent all week trying to guess his surprise but I could have never guessed what he had in store for us.

Our little paradise in the woods.
It was the evening of my dreams with the man of my dreams. He was gone most of the day on Saturday, getting everything set up. When it was finally time for dinner, he blind folded me so I couldn't see where he was driving us. It was only a few miles away, but the suspense was intense. He took us through a field in his truck. It was quite the experience being blind folded, bouncing up and down in the truck, not knowing where he was taking me! It had rained most of the day, and I was afraid we would get stuck, wherever we were. When the truck stopped, he guided me out and took my picture.

I was so excited to finally find out what the surprise was. He took the blindfold off and turned me around to see my surprise. I looked down a trail strung with lights, guiding our way to a canopy set up for a dinner for two. It was the most surreal thing I have ever seen. The woods were so lush green. All of the time spent, the details he added. He took my breath away.

He used a driftwood centerpiece from our bridal shower; the "bride" and "groom" wine glasses from our wedding day; calla lillies from a flower arrangement used at our reception; a bottle of our favorite wine; he had soft music playing from a portable iHome; and, remembered my favorite kind of sushi for dinner. He brought our camera and tripod so we would be able to have the memory of this night, forever. He put a lot of thought in to this special dinner. I will never forget this night; how beautiful it was, how he made me feel.

The gorgeous necklace he surprised me with. White, blue and black diamonds.

We spent a couple of hours under the canopy, listening to the calming sound of rain and the soft music play while we dined. I didn't want the night to end; it was perfect. We shared a couple heartfelt toasts, and laughed over some special memories. It was like the world stopped and it was just us. A feeling I will never forget.


  1. Oh wow! He is so romantic! He needs to give my husband some tips! :)

  2. How incredibly thoughtful and sweet! :) He's a keeper! Happy anniversary!

  3. How romantic! Happy anniversary, y'all!

  4. What a sweetheart! My husband needs to take some notes from your husband!!