Thursday, September 13, 2012

Miss. Congeniality!

I'm very behind on blogging this week! Tuesday night was spent at the fair. My little (16 year old) sister ran for fair queen and the pageant was Tuesday night. She looked absolutely gorgeous and did fantastic when it was her turn to speak!

My sister won Miss. Photogenic and Miss. Congeniality! We are so proud of her! Her week just became even more busy because the girls who have won titles have many duties at the fair. My duty, however, seems to be to follow her around with a big smile because that's all I did the rest of the evening!

My husband had night school last night and again, tonight. I am really surprised to see that I have actually lost a pound during fair week, so far! This week is always a big challenge for me. So many tempting foods and my head always says "it always only once a year" but I am trying to not use that as an excuse to over indulge! Moderation is key this week!

Here are a couple pictures of my sister:

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