Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family Pictures and Struggling

I enjoy taking pictures as a hobby. I've taken pictures for wedding, engagements and families. Tonight, I took family pictures for my in-laws. It was a tricky task since I was to be in the pictures. My sister came over and snapped the pictures after I set them up, which was a big help!

I think the pictures turned out great. Our backyard is so green right now, I love it! The pond was a good backdrop for some photos, as well.

I had to be a little different, I guess, in that I wore a red dress. It was 80 degrees out and humid. There was just no way I was going to make it through that shoot in jeans!

Family pictures were a success! I have finished editing them already, too. Just in time for bed...

I am hoping to make more time for myself the rest of the week to stick to my mini-goals. So far, I have been struggling with fitting in the time for my runs and walks. Tomorrow I will make myself a priority and I will get my mini goal done!

Is "putting yourself first" a challenge for anyone else out there, at times?


  1. Great pictures and you look so pretty LOVE the dress! Putting myself first is DEFINITELY difficult for me, as I have never really done that in my whole life! Today I really wanted to get my walk in but with the weather calling for severe thunder storms I didn't want to risk it and get stuck halfway out in a sever storm. So I went shopping for some healthy food and out to eat with my mother. We didn't go to the healthiest place to eat but I was proud of myself that I got 2 pieces of chicken (rather tan my usual 3) and I also ordered corn on the cob instead of my fries!

  2. I recently just dusted off my camera and did some family photos for a friend. It really is something I enjoy and hope to do more of now that life has calmed down again. The last photos I did were in the fall. Way to long!!

  3. The pictures turned out great. I love all the color!! Good luck accomplishing your mini goal, I know you can do it!