Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good Intentions

I was going to skip running tonight, but I didn't.

Whenever I got home from work, I put chicken and carrots in the oven. I changed in to my running clothes and before I knew it, I was on the treadmill. As I started my run, I realized that I forgot to grab both my phone (for music) and my laptop (for Netflix). I haven't run on Nordi (my treadmill) without either one of those items, to date. I was too lazy to go downstairs and get these items, so I just continued to run. Yes, you read that right. I was too lazy to walk down stairs, but I voluntarily ran a mile tonight.

This run was boring; it was just me and the treadmill for 14-some minutes. What did people do before the wonderful distraction of music and Netflix during treadmill runs? I can tell you what I do without it; I do math. It's funny because I don't even like math. Come to think of it, I don't like running very much either. It's a love/hate kind of thing. I enjoy running most when I'm finished. The feeling after running is what makes me run again. That, and the joy of beating a previous personal record. I can be kind of competitive against myself. Anyways, back to the math. I don't do algebra or anything like that, I just simply count the seconds, minutes, distance, etc. before I'll be finished running. If I bump the speed up a bit, that changes everything and I need to re-calculate. Trying (and usually failing at) math during my run, held my attention for a majority of the time.

Something else that caught my attention toward the end, was my husband pulling up the driveway. Tonight was his last night of class for the school year! I was on my last lap whenever he pulled up. When I saw him pull in, I smiled and bumped up my speed so I could go see him. I watched him get out of his work van with a pizza box in his hand. At that time, I remembered it was his last night of class, so he must have brought home pizza from their party.

I probably would have happily eaten two four pieces of pizza for dinner, if I hadn't just run a mile. It also helped that I already had chicken and carrots in the oven, and that the timer on the oven had just gone off. I still opened the pizza box, took this picture and contemplated eating a piece of pepperoni before closing the box and putting it in the fridge. Skipping over this pizza to eat chicken and carrots for dinner is a big accomplishment for me.

The lesson I learned from tonight is that half the battle is starting with good intentions. I started my night off with good intentions of eating well and exercising. These good intentions helped me say "no" to something less-than-healthy, and stay "on track".

What have your good intentions helped you to avoid?


  1. Awesome will power!! I have avoided snacking at night for 2 nights in a row! I feel like I'm back on track!
    I also avoided binging on candy at my Mom's house today. This is huge for me because their house is usually stocked with stuff I cannot have in my house because I can't say no.

    Again awesome job lady!

  2. Great Job!! by the way how did you cook the chicken it looks delicious just wondering what you did?

  3. Good for you! Even the little things like choosing chicken over pizza is encouraging to read about!

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend!