Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Have My Doubts

Remember when I said I would be running a total of four races this year? Well, make that three.

I was just about to register for a 5K race happening at the end of this month when I saw that only 7 other people are signed up to run. I may be confident, but I have my doubts. I need a bigger crowd than that to feel comfortable enough to "run my own race". Does that make sense?

When I sign up for these 5K races, I am not intending to race against other people. I race against me, and my last 5K time. If I was racing with only 7 other people, I wouldn't feel as free to just run my own race; I would want to keep up with them so that nobody had to wait for meto finish.

So, sadly, there will be no 5K race for me this month. Wah, wah, wah. Oh well. That just means my next 5K is going to be in August, and it's going to be in Buffalo for the Color Run! The Color Run isn't timed, so as of right now, we are just planning to take our time so we can enjoy it!


I have been trying really hard this week to stay away from fast food. I did have a sub from subway for lunch yesterday, but that's just about as healthy as it gets for eating out. I made up for it by having a chicken salad for dinner, outside, on the patio... of course.

I weighed in this morning at 230.4 lbs. I am anxiously awaiting the day when I can say good-bye to the 230's for good!

I am going on a long weekend vacation to Virginia Beach this weekend. It's very typical for me to gain weight on vacation, so I am not going to set myself up for failure by holding myself to any high expectations. My goal for the vacation is to just simply do my best. I have high hopes for this to be a relaxing and equally active vacation. I want to walk down the beach, run down the boardwalk, lounge on the beach and lounge on our balcony. Balance is going to be the key to this vacation!

What is your ideal vacation? Beach, camping... staycation? I want to hear your ideas!


  1. Here's a solution!! What is the next race you're running? I had the fever after the Law Day too. Need to get registered for another!


  2. I'm hungry right now, cause that salad looks soo yummy! I would not feel comfortable running with only 7 people way! Sometimes I don't feel comfortable with a couple hundred or so. I finally found a girl from my work that likes to run and we do some 5Ks together and it's so nice to know someone at the runs now. I like to take a week and go somewhere for part of it and then have a little mini staycation too. I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation at times. Have fun and be safe!