Monday, May 6, 2013

If you work at it, you see results.

I didn't want to run today but I did it anyway, and I'm glad that I did.

After my run, tonight.
I wonder how many times I've said that before? I feel as if this is becoming an unintentional motto of mine. I haven't run since Friday, so I knew it probably should go for a run tonight. I changed in to my run gear as soon as I got home, and was out the door within 10 minutes of getting home. A couple minutes later, I was running.

I wasn't really feeling the mile run I had planned to do for tonight, and was anxious for it to be over. This may be why I beat my time from Friday's run. This is one of my best, if not *the* best mile time I have gotten, so far. It's kind of amazing to think it is only my fourth time running a mile straight, without walk breaks. Running is so rewarding! Just another reason why I love running; if you work at it, you see results. Period.

By the way, if you're wondering if I'm writing this blog from my back porch with the smell of fresh cut grass and the sounds of my little pond waterfalls in the background, you would be totally right. Nothing can keep me inside, these days. I have been waiting for so long for nice weather. I am soaking this up!

Not even dinner will keep my indoors. I grilled chicken for dinner and made chicken tacos from the leftovers from our Cinco De Mayo celebration, yesterday. I kind of went overboard with the veggies, tonight. My tacos were huge, and bursting with veggies.

I was trying to use up all of our leftovers and I was really hungry after my run. My husband thought I was making a taco salad, until I started trying to close it like a taco. He said, "Oh, I didn't even know there was a shell under there!" I could tell he was doubting my taco folding skills, but I had it under control!

Taco tip: when you stuff it too full, hold it like a softball. Works like a charm!

Tacos: chicken or beef? Which do you prefer?

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  1. Great job! That wrap looks good :)