Friday, May 31, 2013

June Challenge

I made something delicious, again. I made a recipe that can be found in the recipe tab at the top of this page.

Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken. Hands-down amazing! You have, have, have to try this sometime! You won't regret it, I promise!


Since today is the last day of May, and I have yet to break in to the 220's, I am going to make a new action plan for June. I'm going to create a new challenge for myself. Since I'm not feeling super creative right now, I will just call this the "June Challenge".

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and evaluate what may be keeping you from reaching your weight-loss goals. I'm going to spend some time thinking about this tonight and tomorrow. Something that sticks out to me immediately is that I have been drinking more socially this year. I've been going out with friends and attending more events that include beer, wine, and alcohol. These are "empty calories" that I would like to give up for the entire month of June. I'm not a big advocate for "giving things up" in order to lose weight, however; giving up drinking is something I can definitely agree with, especially for just a month.

Another thing I would like to work on is sticking to my meal plans and exercise plans. Making the plans is the first step, and I seem to have that part down; sticking to those plans is what I'll be focusing on this month!

I'm also going to make it a goal to plan my lunches ahead for the week. This is something new that I haven't done in a challenge before! It may take a little more effort at first, but I feel like it will pay off in the end.

Any other suggestions for my June Challenge? Will you be doing a June Challenge of your own?


  1. I think these are all great goals! I actually printed out a physical calendar for my fridge and pre-planned what I was going to eat everyday, so I knew what groceries I would need for the week. For the most part, I always try to make more than I need, so I can take leftovers for lunch and that way, I'm constantly not coming up with supper and lunch ideas!

    Really enjoy your blog! Battle on! You'll break into the 220's this month!

  2. I am doing Ripped in 30 by Jillian -
    I just did a blog post on it if you want to join us. I did the 30 day shred and liked the results so I am going to give this a try

  3. I think cutting out alcohol is a very good idea and I think I will be doing the same. I actually don´t mind going out with friends and being the sober one :) When I was around 18 I used to drink a lot more (the party age haha) but for two months I decided to cut out alcohol and my weight loss was SO much more effective, I lost so much more weight!

  4. Well, making plans is far more harder than sticking to them. That's for sure! But I guess if you're really determined, you'll make it work.
    I really like your idea and it ispired me to put some plans that would be beneficial for my health this month.

  5. My plan is not to worry about my weight until after 8/10.
    I'm workin on the last 8-10 weeks of triathlon training, my weight has maintained during the last few weeks. I too find it is too hard to concentrate on 2 big goals like that.
    I look forward to following your progress!