Sunday, May 26, 2013

Party Weekend

This is party weekend!

We had a birthday party for my cousin on Friday, a birthday party for my friends son on Saturday and today, we are hosting a Memorial Day party. We were actually invited to another party for tomorrow, but I had to decline. I am going to be partied out after today!

The party yesterday for my friends son was so cute! Christopher turned one. I can't believe it myself!

I was good at the party, with on eating half of a cupcake and not going overboard with the picnic food.

I'm hoping I will be too busy to go overboard with the food at our party today. So far, my workouts for the week and my efforts toward staying within my nutritional ranges have paid off! I'm back down to 231.8 lbs. That's a nice loss, especially during Party Weekend!

Do you have any parties planned for this weekend?


  1. The cupcakes are adorable :)

    I did not have any parties, but I went to spain, where i got some temptations of frozen yoghurt and more stuff :x

    i wrote 2 little posts, come read:D

  2. Nice job loosing during all the parties! Great job :) just came across your blog and you have done a awesome job! Keep it up :)

  3. It is so hard to stay on track during the holidays and party seasons! Way to go to be back down during your party weekend!

  4. Good job sticking with it during those parties. I wish I could say I was as dedicated :(

    Glad you had a good weekend and thanks for the inspiration!