Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Challenge - Week One

On Friday, I had mentioned that I would be starting a new challenge for June. I began brainstorming some goals I would like to track in Friday's post, but I have finally decided on the following:

June Goals 
  • No beer, wine or alcohol this month.
  • Weekly Dinner Plans
  • Weekly Exercise Plans
  • Weigh-in with scale picture on Sundays
  • Track calories 5/7 days a week
  • Track water intake 5/7 days a week
  • Make 4 new recipes
There are a lot of goals for June, and I am excited to work toward reaching them! I am not going to limit myself to a specific amount of weight I'd like to lose in this challenge, rather, my goal will be to just lose weight.

Sunday weigh-in picture:

Dinner Plans for the week:

Sunday: Cheese and Mushroom Calzone
Monday: Subway
Tuesday: Stir Fry Chicken
Wednesday: *Business trip*
Thursday: *Business trip*
Friday: *Business trip*
Saturday: Chicken Salad

Exercise Plans for the week:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Run 1 mile
Tuesday: Walk
Wednesday: Walk
Thursday: Run 1 mile
Friday: Walk
Saturday: Run 1 mile

The first week of June is a little "off" since I will be going on a business trip from Wednesday - Friday. I'm not quite sure where we will be eating dinner, but I will be sure to choose the healthiest options while I'm out; and I'll keep you all updated, too!

What are your goals for the week?

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