Sunday, June 9, 2013

June Challenge - Week Two

This past week was kind of a wash. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time out of town with my husband for my business trip. I had a little too much of a good time, though. That's why the week was a wash, I gained a couple pounds and I didn't do much as planned.

We had fun trying new things while we were out of town. We were constantly exploring, which is why I didn't have much time to blog.

Kiwi yogurt is one of the new places we found. It is exactly like Menchies, and we love Menchies!

Despite leaving town with some healthy eating tips for eating out in the back of my mind, we didn't eat healthy for a majority of our meals. I knew better, but I didn't follow through. What's done is done though and the proof is on the scale. No sense dwelling on it, time to press on!

I am currently in a challenge; The June Challenge. I have a plan for the week and I'm ready to move on!

My husband and I went grocery shopping this evening, so we are all stocked up on healthy food for the week. No business trips, no need to eat out for meals, and no excuses to get off track this week!


  1. We all fall backwards some times. Chin up and do your best to stick to the plan this week. That's the good thing about today, it's a chance to start over!

  2. It's hard staying on track when you're on vacation. Tomorrow's a brand new day, though.