Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Portioned Perfectly

My husband is kind of awesome.

He had dinner all ready on a plate for when I got home from work yesterday. He made steak with corn and asparagus. That's what was on the schedule in my food plan for the week. What a guy!

Last night was a rest night according to my workout scheduled. I took great advantage of that and rested with my dogs and husband on the couch, while watching newer episodes of Arrested Development.

Tonight we had Chicken Salads for dinner with Corn on the Cob on the side. Delish!

Speaking of that chicken salad; I absolutely LOVE the chicken we bought for this week. Each piece of chicken is individually wrapped. They are portioned perfectly and each portion is only 110 calories!

Speaking of food, when I made my meal plan for the week, I didn't realize that my husband and I would be at a wedding on Friday night! I forget what we chose as our meals, so it will be a great surprise as to what we will be having for dinner that night!

As for exercise, tonight was scheduled for 30 minutes. After dinner, my husband and I relaxed on our back porch with our dogs. We did this for about 45 minutes. It was so peaceful, we almost fell asleep.

Somehow, we managed to get ourselves motivated enough to complete the 30 minutes of exercise as planned. It wasn't done all at once because we rode our bikes to my moms house, took my little 3 year old brother for a walk and then rode our bikes back home.

I kind of love my garmin. I was able to track my distance and time while riding the bike, during the walk with my little brother, and then for the bike ride home (hence the three different pictures).

So far this week, I've stuck to my meal plans and exercised as scheduled. If I keep this up, I know I'll have another good weigh in this week!

What do you prefer, bike rides or walks?

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