Monday, June 24, 2013

The Spark Solution - Introduction

Happy Monday, readers!

Starting last week, I had begun to slowly read "The Spark Solution" on my 30 minute lunch breaks at work. I have been taking my time reading, and have been doing a lot of highlighting along the way.

The books starts with a story in the introduction. It's a story of a girl who "never thought losing weight was something she could do". She wanted kids but asked herself "how she could do so if she couldn't even take care of herself". "She was ready to lose the weight for good. No more quick fixes." She "use to think of weight loss as being on or off the diet bandwagon. Now, she pictures the journey of weight-loss as a "trail through the most scenic countryside she can imagine." "To get to a healthy weight, she walked a while, ran sometimes and encountered hills and even a few plateaus. She believes the road will always be there, and you can move at your own pace. Even if you stop to smell the roses, have a picnic, or rest." (Story of my life!)

The Spark Solution believes that "healthy living is about living" and so do I! According to the introduction of the book, The Spark Solution promises to focus on three overlapping areas:

1. The Metabolic Makeover
  • "Many people start trying to lose weight by skipping meals, eating too few calories to sustain daily activities and other actions that actually slow or interfere with their metabolism. To be successful, your body's metabolic processes -- your ability to burn calories -- needs to function optimally, to work with you not against you, as you being your weight-loss plan."

2. The Mind-Set Makeover

  • "Helps you look at healthy eating and exercise as a means to live life to the fullest, gain energy and boost confidence. It also helps you focus on the positive, with tips from members of and experts!"

3. Motivation and Momentum

  • "On Day 1 of the plan, you press the reset button on your diet history and your battles with food. The past doesn't count anymore. You make one healthy decision which leads to another and another. Gone is the vicious cycle of dieting and guilt. The better you feel, the more motivated you are to keep reaching toward your goals, and the more you keep going, the better and more motivated you feel."
The Spark Solution says to "be ready to change from Day 1, but you don't have to change your whole life all at once. Be committed to a healthy lifestyle versus a short-term diet, but you need only be prepared to take it one step and one goal at a time, at the pace that's right for you."

They also say that their program is "based on yes. Yes to believing in yourself, not using self-loathing as a way to fuel weight loss. Yest to setting goals that you can reach, not challenging yourself to impossible weight-loss feats that end in failure. Yes to eating food that nourishes you and fuels your life, not restricting yourself so you end up overeating later. Yes even to enjoying dessert in right-size portions, not banishing certain foods from your life forever."

The Spark Solution, and I agree that "getting healthy -- and staying healthy -- begins with three steps: change your diet, start working out, and take the small steps that lead you to believe you can do it. Just changing what you eat doesn't work because it's only part of the plan. You also need to change your mind-set about weight-loss and get moving."

I have only finished a couple chapters of the book, and plan to keep you updated on all of the great information it provides me along the way. So far, I am loving the book. While most of it is just a reminder for me of the things I learned in the past few years from being a member with, it is nice to be reminded and will definitely be using these reminders in my daily life, now!

Have any of my readers read The Spark Solution, yet? If so, what did you think of it?


  1. This might be something I should read next.

  2. NO, I haven't read the Spark Solution, but I wondered if this book began with, which is a weight loss website that I joined some time ago. Either way, it sounds like a great book for me to invest in. I might just give it a try.