Monday, July 29, 2013

Craisens and Avocados

Monday is here and I'm ready for it! How about you? We went grocery shopping last night so that it would be easier for us to choose healthy options for meals and snacks!

We had an eventful weekend! I went on a date with my husband on Friday and ended up going to a local car show after dinner. It was really exciting because our friends had their rat rod truck at the show, and it was their very first show! My husband has been wanting to fix up a car for a long time, so he had fun watching and helping his friends fix up theirs.

The car show actually sparked my interested in the project idea my husband had, mostly because I could really see how much my husband loved being there! So, a day later we became owners of a 1934 International Harvester truck. I can't wait to see how my husband fixes it up, and it makes me very happy to see him so happy to have project truck of his own. We figured we may as well make these spontaneous purchases while we can (before we decide to have a family) and we had the cash in hand, so it worked out very well for us.

Back to talking about food.

I am trying two new things this week to make healthy eating more exciting! I am trying craisens on my salads and avocado on my turkey sandwiches.

I have never bought or cut an avocado before, so this morning was interesting and a little messy.

It all worked out in the end, and I'm looking forward to trying both the avocado and the salad during lunch today.


  1. It's actually much easier to cut an avocado without cutting through the seed. Here's a quick video: Hope that helps! :)

  2. I had craisins on my lunch at a restaurant and I keep forgetting how good they are! Thanks for reminding me to buy some!

  3. I like craisins, sliced almonds & raspberry vinaigrette on my salads!

  4. My favorite salad right now: Spinach, Grilled Chicken, Craisins, Feta Cheese, Walnuts and some raspberry vinagrette. Yum!


  5. I can't beleive you cut through the avacoda pit! I have never seen that done before. You must have major arm muscles :)

  6. looks so good.. Makes me want Guacamole so bad right now though.