Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fish Fail and McDonalds

I love summer nights.

Tonight, I went to my moms house and ended up having McDonalds for dinner with my little brother. I know it was a bad choice, but it was made after trying and failing to make fish for dinner. Since tonight's dinner was not healthy, I'll show you last night's healthy dinner instead:

My husband was at his friend's house tonight, so I decided to take a few pictures to pass the time. I started at our own pond and then went for a sunset drive with our dogs.

I was down a pound this morning when I checked, which brings me to 233 lbs. Only a few pounds  and a few days away from breaking out of the 230's in July! McDonalds for dinner didn't help, but I plan on running in the morning to help keep the balance!

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