Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gaining 7 Pounds in a Week

I'm back from my business trip and oh so happy to be home!

My sister joined me on this business trip and while we had some fun during my "off time" while away, it's so good to be back home. My first full day back home was actually a busy one! I had a bridal shower to attend for one of my friends from high school. It was a beautiful shower and I had a lot of fun! After the shower, we went out to celebrate her bachelorette party, which turned out to be a late and fun night! Today is actually my first normal day back home since Tuesday. I am so grateful for today! I am looking forward to making meal and exercise plans for the week and to just get back to my normal!

Before I move forward I have to admit that I am way up on the scale this week. I am up about 7 pounds from last week weighing in at about 238 lbs. 7 POUNDS gained in a week; wow! This kind of thing isn't typical but as a woman with PCOS, it isn't a huge surprise. I was out on business this week which meant that I had a lot of fast food meals and not much exercise in the mix. I also went out drinking last night, which seems to make my body hold on to weight. Sometimes this happens, and I think that when it happens it's good to address the gain so you can accept it, move on and do something about it! I'm not perfect and my weight loss journey isn't perfect. My weight loss journey is real and in all reality everything has it's ups and downs.

I found the photo above on Facebook this morning and I can relate tremendously. This week is going to be all about getting back on track for me. As I've said many times before, I will never give up!

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  1. A lot of that is probably water weight! You'll bounce back quick! :)