Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heat Rant

This has been one HOT week!

With temperatures nearing the 90's, I am thankful for our air conditioning. I have early on-set of multiple sclerosis, which means that the heat and humidity has a huge effect on how I feel! It's easy for me to get cranky in the heat because I can literally feel the inflammation in my body. While I'm thankful this hasn't caused any great deal of pain lately, it is very annoying. Extreme fatigue is another side effect, which I have been feeling each and every morning this week. Being so tired can actually make it quite dangerous to drive. I have heard tired driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Scary stuff.

Well, now that I'm done with my little heat rant, I am going to say that I am still very thankful for the sun and summer and all of the great things that come with it! Sometimes when you're feeling a little salty about something, the best thing to do is to look for the positive in the situation.

So, when I say that there are great things about this heat, I mean that I really enjoy my early mornings on my porch with our dogs. I love to spend a few quiet moments outside each morning. I always look like I just rolled out of bed because that's what I literally do. Roll out of bed, take the dogs outside, sit on the wicker couch, listen to the birds chirp, sit still to feel the warm breeze and stay there a few moments to let myself wake up! My dogs enjoy this routine, too. They use it as their opportunity to wake up, as well.

I love summer and the sun also for the beautiful flowers that pop up around my yard.

Finally, I love summer because of how often I get to see and spend time with my friends! It's just so much easier to get together and go for a walk in the summer; which is exactly what I did with my friend Caitlin this week. I also get to go out to the beach tonight to what my friends, Steve and Mindy, play beach volleyball. Summer is really great! Looking at the positive side of things isn't really that hard.

Despite the heat, we are trying to be active. We have run on the track a couple times this week, hoping to do another round tomorrow night. My husband and I started back in to running by running a 1/4 mile, walking 1/4 mile, running a 1/4 mile, then walking the final lap. This has been a nice transition. Next week, I am hoping to build up to running 1/2 mile, walking a 1/4 mile then running the last 1/4 mile. It's good to have goals!

As for beating the heat, one way I am doing that is by drinking a lot of water. When trying to lose weight, and even if you're not, it's always important to get in the right amount of water. In the summer, though, it's even more important!

Do you have any tips/tricks for getting the right amount of water in each day?
- I drink water with each meal, I keep a bottle next to me during work and I drink a glass (or two) as soon as I wake up in the morning!


  1. Water Your Body, the app! I posted a blog entry about it! So essential to get your water in!

    Seems to be a heat wave everywhere! Stay cool! :)

  2. I drink really cold ice water in the summer. I love that. My sister will add a small amount of lemonade to her water and drink it that way. just watered down by quite a bit.