Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Results and July Challenge

Hey, all! Sorry for that unintended blog break there. Time got away from me!

I just can't believe it's already July! Whose with me on that? Now that June is over, it's time to check on my results from the June Challenge!

June Goals 
  • No beer, wine or alcohol this month - significantly lowered my intake for the month ;)
  • Weekly Dinner Plans - done each week!
  • Weekly Exercise Plans - done each week!
  • Weigh-in with scale picture on Sundays - done each week!
  • Track calories 5/7 days a week - done for the most part
  • Track water intake 5/7 days a week - done for the most part
  • Make 4 new recipes - made 3/4 recipes

Final weight:

Results weren't perfect, but that's okay because I'm not perfect! The important thing is that I met my weight loss goal, which was a very broad goal of "just lose weight"! No number to get down under, which was nice for a change!

I lost 2.2 pounds during the June Challenge. I'm very happy with this since I survived being on a business trip, going to a stag and drag, a wedding, a bridal shower and our general summer ice cream trips, all while losing weight! Yay!

Now that June's Challenge is over, it's time for a new Challenge for July. I'm going to challenge myself to do the following:

July Goals 
  • Break out of the 230's
  • Try two new recipes
  • Start running again

Much less than last month's challenge goals but nonetheless important!

Do you have any goals for July?

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  1. Great, great job!!! It's fun watching your journey =)