Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Morning Run

This morning, I woke up early to run. If you’re like me, that idea probably doesn’t appeal to you.

I have been thinking about working out in the mornings before work ever since I bought my treadmill earlier this spring. It has taken many months before I actually ran before work, and this morning was my first time.

I use to make excuses for not working out in the mornings. I was afraid that I would be even more tired after my workout than I already was, but in fact; I felt better. I’m not going to go as far as to say that I had more energy after one morning of exercise, but I did feel more alert. It also felt really good to know that I already had my workout taken care of for the day.

This is my second week getting back in to running after taking two months off. This week I am running for a half mile, walking a quarter mile and running the final quarter mile to complete a full mile three times this week. I am working my own plan to ease me back in to running, and so far it has been going well. My legs wanted to stop running at a quarter mile this morning, but I continued on. I ran at a slower pace, which did help me keep up with the distance of a half mile. Last week I was running a quarter mile every other lap to complete a mile. I feel like this is a good progression.

Next week I am thinking about continuing this current routine, and will try to run for a complete mile without stopping at least once. My next 5K is on August 17th in Buffalo, New York. I am really excited because this will be my first Color Run! I am really nervous because this will be my third 5K and I think I am going to do a worse time than my first one; reason being, I starting training late. I am actually going in to this 5K with the idea of it being a “Fun Run”. I’m not sure if the Color Run is even a timed run, so I need to get that idea out of my head. It’s hard for me to not worry about time because that’s what motivates me to keep running. I enjoy beating my own time. It will be interesting to see how I do when I’m not running for time.

Color Runners: is the race timed?

Runners: what motivates you to run?


  1. I just did a Color Run in the beginning of July and it was not timed. It was SO much fun. I wish I would have taken more pictures or had more taken of me! This was my 1st 5k so I was nervous about it but once you get there it is so lively and upbeat and just plain FUN. You'll do great and have a blast.

  2. Do not worry about time at the Color Run. Today I actually posted about our Color Run from this past weekend. We stopped and went slow through the color stations and then we stopped to take pictures after every one. We also stopped at took pics by some cute signs throughout the run. It was a totally casual event. No one is timing you so you just go through it and have fun. :)