Friday, July 19, 2013

The Sprinkler Workout

A special thanks to those of you who commented on yesterday's post. I loved reading about the ways you get water in each day!

Water is so important, especially during the hot days of summer.

Our dog, Topher, ready for his water!
One way my little brother got his water in this week was by running through the sprinkler at my house. ;)

How many of my readers use to (or still) run through a sprinkler on a warm summer day?

My mom still runs through the sprinklers! That's her and my little brother running in the picture above.

My step dad even got into some sprinkler action. It was a hot week for us (as I'm sure it was for most) and the sprinkler was just one way we kept cool this week!

I must say that when it's hot out, it's hard to workout. Running through a sprinkler is a hidden workout that keeps you cool! Here is my fun list of workouts that can still be done when the summer sun is beating down!

1. The Sprinkler Workout - run, hop, skip through the sprinkler (just be careful you don't slip!)
2. The Pool Workout - have access to a pool? Get your suit on and go for a swim! Kick your feet, do laps or try to run in the water. You're heart rate will be up before you know it!
3. Indoor Workouts - if you've got access to a gym with air conditioning, now is the time to really take advantage of it!
4. Lower Impact Workouts - Taking it easy isn't giving up! Do a little less on the hot days and make up for it on the cooler ones!
5. Moonlight Workouts - wait until the sun goes down or get out there before the sun comes up!

If you still decide to brave the summer sun during your workouts, just be sure to take care of yourself out there! My husband and I have been running on the track when the sun goes down at night. It's still very hot, but not as bad.

Getting back in to running, combined with eating healthy meals this week, has got me down 4 pounds on the scale already! I know the initial gain was most likely water weight, just like this 4 pound loss, but I'm just glad it's gone! Here's a couple of the meals we've been having lately:

Grilled chicken salad with asparagus on the side.

Baked ranch powdered chicken with green beans and corn on the cob.

Steak on a bed of lettuce with grilled pineapple and side of corn on the cob.

Grilled chicken is one of my favorites!

Lots of fresh fruit this week, too!
 Only 12 more days to reach my goal of getting out of the 230's during the month of July. I'm back down to 234 lbs. right now, so I'm hoping that I'll still be able to reach this goal! Eating healthy, fitting in time for exercise and drinking lots of water will definitely help me get there!

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