Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tons of Ice Cream for Me

I love summer. We eat a lot of fresh fruit during the summer. Grilled pineapple and fresh watermelon are two of my favorites this week!

I love summer even more when I get out of work early. I got out of work early yesterday because I will be working plenty of hours on my business trip this week. I have to flex my time and I wasn't complaining! In fact, I was sun bathing by the pond for most of the afternoon. I have a little sunburn this morning to prove it!

We rode about 4 miles on our bikes last night with a couple of friends. Actually, my friend Mindy ran while her husband, my husband and I rode bikes behind her. Mindy is training for a half marathon and I can't wait to cheer her on at the finish line!

After our bike ride, we went to an ice cream shop for dinner and... ice cream. Turns out, they weren't cooking food tonight so we just got ice cream. We went over to our friends house for dinner where we had hot dogs, beans and chips with salsa. A bike ride, ice cream, and a cookout with friends; that's what I call a perfect summer night! I wish every Monday was so good!

What are your favorite foods to eat during summer?
- Fresh fruit... anything on the grill and tons of ice cream, for me!


  1. Corn on the cob! Also, another BBQ'd. MMMM....

  2. watermelon and blueberry cobbler!


  3. Awesome, I love watermelon during the summer!