Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wild Rice and Motivation Meter

First and foremost, look at how cute my puppies were this weekend when my sister and I had just gotten home from my business trip.

My sister, Max and Topher.
Now that you're done saying "awww", let's talk about food for a second. Healthy, filling and delicious food. I am pretty sure that nothing in the world would have tasted better than the meal we had for dinner last night. It was Monday night and after a successful day of staying on track, I was ready for a healthy meal for dinner. (Motivated!) I also wanted it to be filling and delicious, of course. Grilled perch with grilled asparagus and wild rice definitely hit the spot!

Speaking of wild rice, last night was the first time I had ever tried it, and I'm a fan!

After dinner, I did the dishes, relaxed with my husband, then mustered up the energy to get off the couch and brave to humidity outside. My husband and I started running the track even though we felt like we were swimming in mid air. I kind of felt like I was trying to breath underwater. Humidity is not my friend. We are definitely in a fight.

Seeing how I am just getting back in to running after a two-month break, I am taking it easy. I ran a lap, walked a lap, ran a lap then walked a lap. That's my plan for the next few runs until I get my old legs back! As of right now, my motivation meter is reading "extreme"! I'm looking forward to what I get accomplished today!

How was your Monday? What's you're motivation meter reading at today?
- I'm just as motivated as yesterday, maybe even more so because I've got Monday under my belt!

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