Monday, August 5, 2013

Not Impossible

This weekend my husband and I got to DJ a very special event, my friend's wedding. We had a great time and everything went well. I could have done better food wise, but overall I'm happy!

I started this Monday morning off right with some Wii Fit Yoga. I was feeling very stiff this morning when I woke up, and yoga was the perfect solution.

I woke up a little early this morning not only to fit in some exercise but also to plan ahead for dinner. Tonight we dinner we are having Chicken Tortilla Soup (recipe can be found under the recipes tab, above). I plan on using the leftovers as lunches for the rest of the week, too!

I usually use Monday or Sunday as my day to figure out my plans for the week. This week, I am going to work on following these plans:


M - Chicken Tortilla Soup
T - Fish with Rice and Zucchini
W - Chicken Salads
T - Fish with Rice and Zucchini
F - Rehearsal Dinner
S - Wedding


M - Yoga/Run
T - Yoga
W - Run
T - Yoga
F - Rest
S - Run

We have our second wedding of August this weekend, with only one more after that. For this upcoming wedding, I will be reading a poem during the ceremony. I picked our meals months ago for this wedding so dinner will be a surprise since I can't remember what I picked! I was also invited to attend the rehearsal dinner on Friday, which will also be a surprise meal.

It's definitely hard to lose weight when you don't know what to plan for meal wise, but it's not impossible. I'm going to work hard to meet my goals this month!

This will be my first official week of August, so I will begin monitoring myself with the following goals:

August's Goals

  • Break out of the 230's (8 lbs. to go!)
  • Track calories for 6/7 days a week (working on it!)
  • Exercise for 4/7 days a week (1/4 days done)
  • Drink 64 ounces of water daily (working on it!)

  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep a day (1/7 days done)
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    1. Those are great August goals and are very achievable! Go get it! :)