Friday, August 30, 2013

Scale Frustration

There is only one more day left in August, and I'm feeling a little pressure.

I am SO close to reaching my goal of getting out of the 230's. I feel good knowing that I can honestly say that I worked really hard this week. I ran, even when I didn't want to run. I ate within my calorie range, even with a carton of ice cream in the house. I said no to Chinese for lunch, even when all of my co-workers said yes. I have been drinking water like crazy. I have been going to bed early. I have been doing the right things, and now the scale needs to give me a little credit.

As of this morning, I am down one pound from last week, bringing me down to 232 lbs. I know that the scale isn't the only way to check your progress, but getting out of the 230's has been a big goal of mine for about a year, now. Some other things I have noticed lately is that I have felt better, my clothes have been getting looser but now I'm ready to see the number! Is that too much to ask?

Scale frustration. It's aggravating; but I'm not giving in! I've got one more day to give it all I got.


  1. I saw a post that said a woman should always deduct five pounds from the scale since her boobs and brain shouldn't count against her! If you look at it that way you are already there!

  2. You can do it and even if you don't this month, that's okay. Keep working and it will happen!

  3. Just remember your value is not attached the the scale. Keep it up! You're doing great. :)