Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy Day Blues

Today was a long day, yet it didn't seem long enough. I had a minor case of the busy day blues, but I managed to beat them before they got the best of me!

My husband and I, this past weekend.

It was my first day back to work after my week long vacation. I had a lot of work to do before I left, and so much more when I returned today. The Judge scheduled two Status Conferences for Monday, which usually takes me about a week to prep for. I now get to prep for it in two days. That's just one of the hundred red flag items I had to deal with today. It was a super high stress day, but I managed to keep my cool. I went in to this day with a prayer and a positive mind frame. I wasn't going to get overly stressed over the work that was waiting for me. I wasn't going to let work bring me down after the amazing trip my husband and I had just been on. I am riding my vacation high for as long as I can!

I am actually happy to be back to work. I like the routine, and I like the challenge. I worked over today, and didn't end up getting home until about 7:30. On my way home, I thought about running. I like to run at least every other day, and the last time that I ran was on Tuesday. I thought about the dishes that needed done when I got home, and the fact that I didn't have anything to make for dinner. That would mean I'd have to grocery shop and then actually make dinner. I also really wanted to visit my mom's house because I haven't stopped by in a while and they helped me out a lot while I was on vacation by letting out our dogs. Not to mention, she let them out for me tonight since I had to work late. I started to become overwhelmed with how little time I had for my evening, and all the expectations I had for it. I decided to just stop thinking about everything as if it were an obstacle, and to just go with the flow.

When I got home from work, I immediately changed in to my workout clothes. I strapped on my heart rate monitor and buckled my garmin around my wrist. I grabbed my phone, went outside and started running. I was running to my moms house. I found out that it is less than a mile run to my moms house. There is a steady incline about half the way through the run, which thoroughly kicked my butt. It felt good, too! I did intervals on my way to my moms, and felt accomplished when I arrived. My mom had just ordered subs, and offered me one for dinner. Within about 20 minutes, I had a lot of what I needed to get done for the night, finished. I went for a run, I visited my mom's house and I ate dinner. My mom drove me home after we chatted for a bit, and then I did the dishes. Once I finished the dishes my husband came home, and now I'm blogging about my busy day. I accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish today, despite being fairly busy. I feel really good about that! One thing that motivated me to run tonight was the saying that "somebody busier than you is running right now". Trust me, at the time, I didn't believe anyone was busier than I was. I just put in a long day at the office and I had a lot of expectations for my evening. I'm glad that I did run, though. It really made my night!

Even though I was really busy at work, I took some time today to enjoy a few little things. I noticed how beautiful the sky was on my way to and from work. I took a walk on my friend from work during lunch, and got to enjoy the sunshine on my shoulders. I took a deep breath of fresh air during my run and noticed how the air smelled liked pumpkins and fallen leaves. I love to enjoy the little things, and there's no better time to do so than during a busy day. It's the best way I know how to beat the busy day blues!

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  1. Wow! Super impressed that you still ran even with so much on your plate :) Great job!