Monday, September 9, 2013

I Should Dread Running

I didn't feel like running today.

I wanted my run to be done as soon as possible, which made me run a little faster than usual. I shaved about 45 second off my mile by doing so. Maybe I should dread running more often. It does wonders for my time!

It's amazing to know that today I was only 10 seconds away from getting a 10-something minute mile, when just 7 weeks ago my mile time was in the 15/16-minute range. Consistency with my running routine is paying off!

I took the advice of one of my readers and kept walking after my run. This increased my workout time to a little over 30 minutes for the day. I'm hoping that by working out for longer, this will help me see a change in my weight. It sounds like common sense, but I needed the simple reminder!

As for those of you who asked how I like my Magic Bullet. I truly love it! I made a Peanut Butter smoothie for breakfast this morning. It only took a few minutes and then I was out the door, on my way to work with it!


I added about a cup of fresh spinach, a tbsp. of peanut butter, a tbsp. of milk and then some crushed ice.

I absolutely love drinking smoothies. I enjoy them even more when they are green. Adding the spinach gives it the green color, without the spinach taste. It's my favorite way to add a dose of vegetables, because you don't even taste it!


  1. Man, I needed this post. Thank you. I am dreading working out today. Maybe this post of yours will inspire me to kick ass, too.

    Thank you!

  2. I really need to try a green smoothie, but I don't have any other fruit right now :(
    Great job on your mile time!