Friday, September 20, 2013

Milestone: Fourty Pounds Lost


The last time that I got to update my list of reasons for losing x-amount of weight was when I lost a total of 35 pounds back in May, 2012. I have been struggling ever since to lose 5 pesky pounds so that I could update this list, and be able to say that I have lost a TOTAL OF 40 POUNDS!

As of this morning, I am happy to say that I have lost a total of 40 pounds!

A lot has happened since last May. I suffered a miscarriage in November last year which was and continues to be very emotional for me. I am an emotional eater. I sometimes eat emotions I didn't even know were there. It's a constant battle for me, but I have had more control of this battle as of late. This past month, I have been working hard at sticking within my nutritional ranges and exercising according to plan. I also put more focus on improving my running, which helped take my mind off of my progress on the scale.

There are many, many reasons why I lost 40 pounds, but here is the list as it stands since my weight-loss journey began:

~ 40 Reasons That I Lost 40 Pounds ~

1. I am enjoying what I am eating!
2. I am having fun with exercise
3. I am not depriving myself
4. I have the support and love of my husband
5. I am motivated to be healthy, not just "skinny"
6. I haven't pushed myself too hard too fast, baby steps
7. I can really picture myself at a lower weight, and want to get there
8. I want my dog to be healthy, so I take him for walks which helps us both
9. I force myself to let go of perfectionism
10. If I go over calories, I accept it and MOVE ON
11. I feel empowered when I make healthy choices
12. I've realized that I can forgive myself
13. I've realized that I can love myself
14. I believe in myself
15. I trust what my body "tells" me when it comes to exercise
16. When I "indulge" I actually WANT to make up for it in exercise
17. I keep my journey fun and fresh with challenges
18. I reward myself for little accomplishments
19. I dream of what it will feel like to be at my goal weight
20. I let go of obsessing over the numbers, it will happen eventually if I keep going
21. I've banned the "all or nothing" mentality
22. I track nutrition on Sparkpeople
23. I've read books about nutrition
24. I want to feel comfortable in cute clothes
25. I want to be able to wrap a normal size towel around me after a shower
26. Being on this journey makes me happy
27. Free time is for activity more often than for lounging on the couch
28. My stomach is no where near the steering wheel now when I drive
29. Each lb. loss gives me that much more motivation to go on
30. Making healthy choices sparks a bigger crave for healthy living
31. I share my journey and goals with others
32. I blog to keep myself accountable
33. I forgive myself, and am proud of who I am at any weight
34. When I fall, I pick myself back up and keep going
35. I'm inspiring others to make healthy choices, which inspires me in return
36. So I don't have to wonder, "Will I fit in that chair?"
37. So I don't have to wonder, "Will that chair hold my weight?"
38. So I don't have to wonder, "Will there be enough room for me there?"
39. So I don't have to wonder, "Will I need an extender for my seat belt?"
40. So I don't have to wonder, "Will I fit on that ride?" at amusement parks

By reaching this new milestone of losing a total of 40 pounds, I have accomplished yet another goal for September.

September Goals:

Break out of the 230’s (FINALLY DONE! 228.5 lbs. as of 9/20/13!)
Run a 12:30 minute mile (done!)
Exercise 4 days a week (done 2 weeks)
Track nutrition 5 days a week (done 2 weeks)
Try a new recipe
Try something I've never done before (ran two miles straight)
Go back to church (done 9/15/13)
I did it, and I'm not stopping here!


  1. Way to go Katie! That is AWESOME. 40 pounds is amazing. Not only that, you set your goals, worked hard and achieved it. I can imagine how big the smile on your face is. Congrats

  2. Congratulations!!! HOORAY! Definitely celebrate with a new purchase! ;)

  3. Yeah!! I cannot wait to be right there with you! (Just don't ask what I ate today k?)