Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My First 2 Mile Run

Something great happened today!

For those of you who don't follow me regularly, let me fill you in. I am kind of a beginner runner, who just this spring was able to run a mile straight without stopping. More recently, I have worked my mile time down from 17 minutes to 11 minutes.

Now that you're all filled in, you'll understand why what I am about to tell you is great.

Are you ready?

I'm really excited to share that I have run my first 2 miles straight without stopping today. Uh huh, you read that right! 2 entire miles non-stop!

Two entire miles without stopping! This is a big deal for me! I have never been able to go further than a mile before. Today, I amazed myself. Sure did!

I ran a slower pace of a 15 min/mile, and my run was awesome! I love that pace. I was able to breath as I ran. The entire first mile was a breeze. I honestly wasn't out of breath one bit. That's the first time I've experienced a run that wasn't hard on my lungs. This made me aware that I have definitely been pushing myself to the limits lately as far as time goes during my mile run. Running is so much more enjoyable when I take it at a slower pace.

Note to self: When you hate running, or get in a running rut, just take it at a slower pace! Running slow is better than not running at all!

I am one happy girl. Not only did I fit in time for fitness on this business trip, but I stayed within my nutritional ranges while eating out for breakfast (egg white delight from McDonalds, lunch (grilled chicken caesar salad from McD's) and dinner (12 inch turkey breast sub from subway).

I have actually been writing this post as I eat my dinner here at the Subway in Walmart. I just finished eating, so now I'm going to get myself a 100 calorie chocolate treat, because it will be within my nutritional ranges; it will satisfy my 8 o'clock sweet tooth, and; because this girl deserves a little treat, today!


  1. I've just been trying to add running (jogging) to my resume. I've been doing a mile most days (no walking) and have done a little more (up to 1.5) a couple of times. I have yet to try for two ... I'd like to get to where I could do a 5K.

    I like the 5mph pace (12min mile), that feels pretty doable for me. I've been going through my music and finding the songs that have my exact pace, as music really motivates me.

  2. You are doing such an awesome job with your running! I can't believe how quickly you whittled time off of your mile, and now you're adding distance. Keep it going!