Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grumpy and Miserable

Day 13 of my upper respiratory infection. I'm feeling hopeful that this will pass soon!

While today it seems my illness is getting better, my back is not. It might be a pinched nerve; might be my bulging disc acting up. My husband has given me multiple massages and I have taken many pain relievers. Nothing is helping. I finally left a voicemail for the Chiropractor to call me back when they are in tomorrow. Since I am trying the 8:00 - 4:00 shift at work this week, I won't have to ask to leave early to go to the appointment, if they can fit me in. Hopefully they have room for me. I am really grumpy and miserable from being in pain all the time. I try to make the best of it, but it's hard to enjoy life when you can't turn your head or even hold it up without being in pain.

Topher Brink

Puppy pictures help any grumpy mood. I almost want to try to go for a run. I think that would help me get out of my grumpy mood, too. Would that be a bad idea? My husband suggested that it might help loosen up my back. Yet, I've read that it's not a good idea to run when your muscles are already compromised. Not to mention my chest isn't completely clear yet. Hmm...

I can tell you one thing, I am going to jump for joy and appreciate every healthy day I have once I am over all of this. If anything, these past couple weeks have made me feel more humble. It's nice to be reminded how blessed I am. I know what its like to live life pain free most days, and some people don't get that luxury. Health is not something to take for granted. These past couple weeks have been a swift and hard reminder of that fact.

As for my Sunday plans, my husband and I will be cleaning the house, grocery shopping for the week, making some stir fry steak for dinner, and hosting a family game night for my in-laws. My mother and father-in-law are coming over around 4. They are bringing some homemade chinese food for us to try, so we are making steak stir fry to compliment their dishes. My sister and brother-in-law will be with us via Skype. We use to have family game nights at least once a month or once every few months before they moved to Florida, so this is our first time trying to rekindle that tradition since they have moved.

Even though I have been sick for a majority of October, I haven't forgotten my October goals.

October's Goals:
Reach 225 lbs. (229.4 this morning)
Alternate running - hills, speed, distance (haven't been able to run since 10/7 due to illness)
Try a new recipe (planning on it)
Post meal/exercise plans weekly (this is something I can keep up with!)

I am going to make the most out of what I've got this month. I'm clearly not reaching all of my goals this month, but it's important to not give up.

Dinner plan for the week:

S - Steak Stir Fry
M - BBQ Chicken with Corn and Green Beans
T - Pot Roast with Potatoes and Vegetables
W - Chicken Salad
T - Chicken Salad
F - Calzones
S - Lasagna

Exercise plan for the week:

S - Walk
M - Yoga
T - Walk
W - Yoga
T - Walk
F - Rest
S - Walk

Any "walk" days will be changed to "run" days if my upper respiratory infection and my back cooperate. This is going to be a transition week from being couch bound to getting back in the game!

What are your exercise goals for the week?

If you plan your meals ahead of time, what meal are you most looking forward to making/eating this week?

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  1. Sorry you are still down. My munchkins have had a bad cough (no fever) that just hangs on. One missed a few days of school. I'm feeling something in my throat, so it might be my turn. Hopefully just a cold.

    I've had back issues that totally floored me (but it's been a while and few and far between). Hubby got hit with sciatica, such a bad case that he was done an entire week (unheard of for him). Back pain is so difficult to deal with. Hope you can get some relief.