Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holy Toledo and Happy Halloween

Holy Toledo. I forgot how good I feel after a hard run.

My Post-Run Happy Face

Yesterday, a hard run for me was characterized as an 11 minute 23 second mile.

My best time is a 10:50 mile, but I'm not going to dwell. This was my first hard run since getting over my upper respiratory infection. It was also my first run outside since the beginning of October. I'm okay with my time from yesterday's run. It's only going to get better!

After my run last night, I took my dogs for a walk with my little three-year-old brother. We ran a little bit during out walk, too. It was a beautiful evening. I'm glad that I took advantage of the sunshine while we had it because it's nothing but clouds and rain today.

After all of my outside activity, I made a healthy dinner. I stuck to my dinner plan and made shrimp over wild rice with broccoli on the side. For snack I had 6 golden oreos. They were divine.

Today is Halloween. Do you know how I know? There is a counter in the office filled with pumpkin rolls, donuts, cider, and cookies.

Do you know how else I know? There have been two snack carts going around my office filled with free treats. I also had two small slices of pumpkin roll for breakfast. Oh Halloween, you temptress, you.

Tomorrow is the first day of November. I always get so excited for a fresh month. I like creating new goals and challenges for myself. I usually create my challenges and goals so they last a month. This is good for me because it's long enough for me to see progress, but short enough so that I don't get bored with my goals.

I'll start thinking about my goals for November, tonight. I'm hopeful to post them for you all tomorrow.

Happy Halloween, friends!

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  1. Happy Halloween!

    My office (there are 4 women here) are all going to do the plank challenge, coupled with a squat challenge for November. Should be a hoot!