Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October's Goals and Running

On Monday, I promised a run down of September's goals and accomplishments. Time got away from me last night, so here are my results:

September Goals:

Break out of the 230’s
Run a 12:30 minute mile 
Exercise 4 days a week 
Track nutrition 5 days a week 
Try something I've never done before (ran two miles straight)
Go back to church

I am super excited that I reached all of my goals for September! It makes me even more motivated to do the same for October.

October's Goals:
Reach 225 lbs.
Alternate running (hills, speed, distance)
Try a new recipe
Post meal/exercise plans weekly

Last month, I was able to get down to 228.5 lbs. I am up to 229 lbs. right now, but that's not going to last long! I would love to see 225 lbs. on the scale this month! I feel like that's an attainable goal for the month of October. 

As for my running, I am taking the sound advice of one of my readers, and I am going to mix things up! I want to alternate my running. My plan is to do hills, speed then distance.

Monday: Hills

I don't like hills. I started with hills on Monday. It was a hard run for me, for a couple reasons. First, I was running on the road. I am always a little more nervous when running on the road. A car stopped and pulled in front of me while I was running, then started to reverse. I crossed the road and took a side street. The side street has significantly less traffic, so that issue was solved. The side street, however, also had a strong scent of skunk. I was running up a hill, breathing great deep breaths of skunk. I could taste it. It wasn't good. After the skunk smell dissipated, I ran in to another fear I have while running on the road; an unleashed dog. This wasn't just any dog, it was a huge dog, and; it was running full boar from the front porch, right at me. I panicked, stopped and turned away from it. The dog put on his breaks and nearly crashed in to me. The owner ran out and called the dog back. I have never been afraid of a dog before that run. I don't think he was a mean dog, but you never know!

Wednesday: Speed

Tonight's run was speed. I ran my fastest mile of 10 minutes 50 seconds. I was a little nervous to do speed tonight because I was alone and forgot my cell phone at home. Sometimes I get dizzy when I run too fast. Everything went well, and I'm super proud of my new running accomplishment!

Tomorrow's run will be distance. I am going to take it slow so I can finish. Anything more than a mile will make me happy for tomorrow!

Runners: what's your favorite type of run?
My favorite changes. This week I think my favorite is distance, but I may just be saying that because it's the only run I haven't done yet!


  1. Congratulations! Those are great times!

    I never run on busy streets and when I do, I always run into traffic. I can see them coming at me and they can see me. Might be worth a try, if you're going to be running on the road consistently. :)