Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sick of Being Sick

Being sick is exhausting.

I feel like this was such a waste of a week. I want to get back to running and feeling human again! Even though I'm not at 100%, I decided that I would enjoy today; sick or not!

My husband and I went with my mom and little brother to a pumpkin patch today. It was a beautiful day, sunny and about 70 degrees. There was a lot to do at our local pumpkin patch. There were slides, pedal carts, pumpkin sling shots, corn maze, hay rides, and much more! We spent about 3 hours of our afternoon in the sun, enjoying the day. That helped me feel a little more human.

My husband and I, making our way through the corn maze.
My husband and my little brother.
I think that I may have overdone it a bit today because my head is aching and my lungs hurt now, but I needed to get out and do something for my sanity. Not running is driving me crazy. I did some research online for tips about running while you're sick. I found that it's wise to use "the neck rule". If the cold is above the neck (runny nose, stuffed up, etc.), you should be good. If it's below the neck (chest congestion, body aches, etc.), you should hold off. Looks like even though my legs and head want to run, I need to wait until my chest clears up.

I wanted to blame my current illness on running in the cold on Monday after work. It was shortly after that run when I started feeling ill. After looking further into this, it turns out that probably wasn't the only thing to blame. Temperature doesn't make you sick, germs do. The temperature during that run probably didn't help, but running in the cold didn't make me sick. That's good news, because once I am better, I plan on doing more outdoor runs and it's only bound to get colder. I have a goal of running hills, speed, then distance each week. This week was shot due to my illness, but I can't wait to get back into it!

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  1. Feel better! I've never been to a corn maze, I definitely need to get to one!