Monday, October 7, 2013

Start Right Finish Right

Fact: Starting the morning right makes it easier for you to finish your day right.

This morning, I made a fruit smoothie with frozen strawberries, pineapple and peaches. I added a half scoop of vanilla whey protein and breakfast was served! I have a thing for beverages in the morning. I usually walk out the door with a cup of coffee, my smoothie and my 24 oz. water bottle. That's the right way to start my morning, lately.

I tried a new lean cuisine meal for lunch today. Swedish meatballs with pasta. It was actually very good, and filling too! It was a bonus that the meal was just under 300 calories. That's the number I like to stay around for my lunches. Some days I go over, some days I go under. Weight loss, and life, I've come to learn, is just one big juggling act!

As for my fruit for the week, my husband and I decided on grapes. The last time we bought grapes, they went bad before we ate them all. It takes a long time for grapes to go bad, so that just goes to show you how much we aren't a fan of grapes. Actually, we aren't a fan of green grapes. As I was bagging up the purple grapes last night, I noticed they were disappearing like lost keys on a Monday morning when you're already running late!

Cheese sticks have been another go-to snack for me lately. I've recently been trying the colby jack cheese sticks and they were a nice change. Sometimes I have to switch it up a bit; for the sake of both my body and my interest level. Who am I kidding? If it's food, I'm interested.

Speaking of interesting food, my husband had dinner ready for me when I got home. He made shrimp stir fry with fresh green peppers and onions over rice. It was honestly the best stir fry we have ever had. He didn't give much of the ingredients up, but I did catch him say that he made the shrimp in honey and the soy sauce was a new style, given to us by my mom. I will try to get more details tomorrow. We will be making steak stir fry tomorrow, with the same sauce. I am already drooling just thinking about tomorrow's dinner!

As for running, tonight was hills. I ran faster than I did last week, but not with any less issues. If you remember from last week, I had some unleashed dog and skunk issues while running hills. I ran in to the same unleashed dog, and the same skunk smell tonight. The skunk smell was not as pungent, and the dog was a little less scary since my husband was running with me.

Although it's not quite fair, I may need to find another running route since my husband won't always be there with me when I'm running hills. I really enjoy my current running route for my hills training because I start running from the second I close my back door; my driveway being my first hill. I'll give the route another try next week. If I still have issues, I'll get serious about a new running route.

It seems as if we lucked out with our run, because it has been raining outside ever since. It was also a little colder than usual, at only 49 degrees. Aside from the minute with the skunk smell, the smell of fallen leaves filled the air. It is definitely starting to feel and smell like October out there!

Since it was cold and rainy outside, I decided to treat myself to a candle lit bubble bath after my run. My husband played the guitar for me as I soaked in the tub, and I felt like I was in heaven! There isn't a better way to end a Monday, in my book! Like I said at the beginning of this post, starting the morning right makes it easier to finish the day right.


  1. i think you can freeze grapes that might be an option maybe?? Great job on everything!!

  2. We prefer the purple grapes to the green grapes too. They are a stand by for the kids lunches. Hubby and the kids are pretty picky though, they want them "crunchy" grapes, so I try to grab the firmest ones I can find at the store.

  3. Cheese sticks are my favourite go to snack. I eat them ALL THE TIME.

    That honey/soya sauce stir fry sounds delicious! Please share the recipe! :)