Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stir Fry and Sick Bed

As requested by a reader, my husband shared his recipe with me for his awesome stir fry.

On Monday, he made the stir fry with shrimp; last night he made the stir fry with steak. You could even make it with chicken, if you want!

1 Green Pepper
1/2 large Onion
Meat of choice (steak, shrimp or chicken)
Wegman's Stir Fry Sauce (sweet soy with garlic, onion and ginger)

My husband cooked the veggies in one pan, the meat in another. You can really add as much or as little of the honey and stir fry sauce as you'd like. It's a tasty mixture that we have been loving lately!

I meant to share this recipe with you last night but I was on my sick bed. I got very sick, very quick. I think it all began with my run on Monday. It was colder than usual, and I was sweating. I need to learn how to run outside while its cold out without getting sick.

This morning, around 4 am, I felt like death. My throat was raw and my chest was tight. I called in sick to work and I am determined on getting better, fast! I slept in today and have been drinking a lot of water, while relaxing on the couch. I am feeling better than I was this morning, but still sick.

I'm frustrated that I had to miss work today, but I'd rather get over this sooner than later. I think that I'm even more frustrated that I wasn't able to run today, and won't be able to run anytime soon. I have been making some good progress with my running, and I don't want to fall behind on that.

Any tips for running outside when it's cold out, without getting sick?

What's your go-to feel better meal?

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  1. How much soya to honey? Half and half? I'm totally making it! :)