Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Day of Rest

A day of rest. That is what today was, and it was just what I needed!

I may have gotten my husband sick, but I am starting to feel better. (Sorry, Nick!) A day on the couch help me out a lot today. My co-worker friend came over this afternoon for a visit. It's always nice to hang out with her, but it was extra nice because I could stay on the couch for that, too! I feel fully rested and ready to tackle the work week.

Not only am I ready to tackle my work week, but I am also ready to take my goals off the back burner. They have been back there for far too long. Now that I am feeling healthy again, there is no excuse!

Weigh-in today:

Weekly photo weigh-in's have been the one goal that I have been able to keep up with this month. It's been great for keeping myself accountable throughout the week. I haven't been doing any exercise lately, but I've obviously been decent with my meals since I didn't have a gain this week. To be honest, since I haven't been working out and wasn't sticking strictly within calories this past week, I am a little surprised that I didn't have at least a pound gain from last week, but I'll take it!

This week, I am going to work myself back into running.

Exercise plan for the week:

S - Rest
M - Run/Walk
T - Rest
W - Run/Walk
T - Run/Walk
F - Rest
S - Run/Walk

Dinner plan for the week:

S - Lasagna Leftovers
M - Salad Bar
T - Anniversary Dinner
W - BBQ Chicken with Vegetables
T - Chicken Salad with Sweet Potato Fries
F - Calzones
S - Zuppa Toscana

Tuesday is a special day. I even took the day off of work! My husband and I have been together for 10 years as of this Tuesday. An entire decade of being with one another. That's definitely something to celebrate! I'd love to get into the details of what I have planned for us, but it's a surprise. I'll be sure to fill you in after.

As for the rest of my evening, I am going to make a grocery list, tackle it, then spend the rest of the night resting up. I've got a great week ahead filled with work and weight-loss challenges!

What's on your plate for this week?

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  1. Happy Anniversary! A decade is definitely something to celebrate!