Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hot Chocolate and Darn Me

Yesterday was one of the scariest drives in to work I have had yet. 

I may have called me mom in tears on the highway (don't worry, I have sync so the call was made hands-free). There was about 3 feet of visibility in front of my car, and that was it. I had no idea if anyone was in front of me, and I would have been dead in a second if they would have tried to use their breaks. My nerves were shot by the time I got to work. It was a rough day.

I left work early yesterday for a hematologist appointment. The doctor confirmed that I have Factor V blood clotting disorder. They took about 14 vials of blood from me to see what type of Factor V I have. I guess there are many different strains of Factor V, or at least that's how I understood it. I'll find out more, soon.

On Sunday, I made myself a workout plan for the week. Last night, however, I didn't feel like following it. That just means I'll have to double up on my workout tonight. I am really not happy with yesterday me. Darn me for skipping my workout and making Christmas gifts while drinking amazing hot chocolate with cool whip on top, instead.

(The secret to amazing hot chocolate is 60% hot chocolate and 40% cool whip. You're welcome.)

How do you like your hot chocolate?
What are your workout plans for the week?


  1. I'm definitely going to try that hot chocolate! Thanks for the recipe! :)

  2. I don't know much about blood clots but I know two people that have something regarding it. One, a woman was told it would be hard two have a baby and she now has two kids. They actually thought of adopting. The other is a military member in Afghanistan and he gets it when he sits a long time. So your not alone. You hot chocolate does look great!