Friday, December 13, 2013

Maintain Don't Gain

Somehow I've managed to let the entire work week pass by me without working out, once. I had intentions to make a workout plan earlier this week, but that's about as far as it went.

December is a hard month for me to spend time on me (i.e. working out, eating right, getting enough sleep). Christmas preparations (gift ideas, gift plans, gift shopping, gift giving, holiday parties, party planning, food ideas, food preparation, baking, etc. etc.) take up a lot of time in December.

For me, trying to lose weight around the holidays is a recipe for failure. Instead, I have decided to go a different route:

Maintain, don't gain
...this holiday season


"Maintain, don't gain" is the slogan for an 8 week self directed program by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. The PDF flyer can be found here.

While I'm not participating in the 8 week program, I will be trying to stick to the goal of maintaining my weight. Losing weight this time of year is hard and seems close to impossible. However, maintaining my weight until after the Holiday rush is over seems doable.

It's important to remind myself that I'm not giving up; just giving myself a break. After all, that's what this month's goal was for myself: to give myself a break. Easier said than done, sometimes; but this is a nice reminder.

December: Maintain. Don't Gain.
January will be a different story.

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