Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reader Meet Lettuce

I met an old friend for lunch, today. An old friend that may also be one of yours. Reader, meet lettuce.

The month of December was set as a time for me to give myself a break. Translation ended up being: I ate whatever I wanted and exercised as little as possible. Not what I actually intended to happen, but it happened and I'm ready to move on.

In moving on, I am reuniting with some old friends. You may know them as fruits and vegetables.

I decided to waste no time at all, and combine them for lunch today. Some people may refer to this as a self-arranged intervention. Okay, it was; and it worked!

Clementines, apple slices, lettuce and provolone cheese never tasted so good together! Don't forget the raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing. Amazing combination!

Add this meal to the peanut butter and vanilla whey protein shake I had for breakfast this morning, and I'd like to consider myself back on the right track!

As for the rest of my day, I am going to continue working from home (which is so much better than having to go in to the office), cleaning up around the house, and trying out my new free-weight set.

What are your plans for the day after Christmas?


  1. I'm right there with you! I've been pretty much eating whatever for the last few weeks and I was starting to just feel so... blech! Today I had such a craving for a good, fresh salad with vinaigrette, and it was amazing! I immediately started to feel better too. Good job with your self-arranged intervention!! :)

    1. I started feeling better after eating my salad, too! :)

    2. ditto Work wife and I had greek salads yesterday and they were so good that I had that for lunch again today!

    3. Greek salad sounds tasty! I'll have to try to make that one.