Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Blues and Mary Poppins

This weekend has been awesome.

First things first. I have come to find the best way to beat the winter blues:

The other day I found myself looking through my pictures from earlier this year. Specifically, from spring and summer. Looking back at all of the pictures from warmer days really "took me there". I felt an immediate mood boost just from looking at pictures of when my grass was green, when there were leaves on the trees, and when I could hang out of my covered patio in a tank top and shorts. Ahh, those were the days.

It warmed up to about 40 degrees this weekend, which also helped boost my mood. The temperatures are creeping there way back down now, but it was nice while it lasted!

My mom and I spent some time together, yesterday. We went out to lunch and to a play. It was her Christmas gift from my husband and I. She loves our local playhouse, so I surprised her with tickets.

I took her out to lunch at Panera Bread. It was delicious, as always. I got the Smokehouse Turkey sandwich with Broccoli Cheese Soup. My mom tried Broccoli Cheese Soup in their Bread Bowl for the first time. We were both happy and full when we left.

We got to see Mary Poppins on stage. It was a 3 hour show, and very entertaining. 

The playhouse is going to be featuring The Great Gatsby in March. That's another show I hope to see!

What helps you beat the winter blues?
Have you ever seen a play? If not, which one would you like to see?
-I'd love to see Annie and of course, the Great Gatsby.


  1. Sounds like such a fun day! I love going to the theater. I've seen Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, and other small ones. I'm envious of your cold weather - here in California it is hot all year long, with random rainy days thrown in :) I wish it would be cold long enough to get sick of it!

    1. California sounds marvelous to me right now! Let's trade weather for a few days :)