Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adapt to Change

Yesterday didn't go as planned.

A day like yesterday was bound to happen. I didn't feel like working out, or cooking dinner. So I didn't. 

I let myself relax. My husband ordered subs for dinner, and we began watching the last season of Dexter. It was an easy, wonderful night. 

Since I didn't follow my plan to workout and make dinner last night, I had more reason to get back on track today.

I made sure to do my strength training early. I got my workout done for the day, I drank nearly 120 ounces of water and I am making yesterday's planned dinner, tonight. Days like yesterday will happen again. Those days don't define my journey. It's the actions I take after days like yesterday that matter.

The ability to adapt to change has been crucial in my weight-loss journey. I make plans and I try to follow them. When plans change (either because of my own doing, or something beyond my control), I need not give up. I need to adapt. This has been an ongoing lesson for me. One that is very important. One that will make me successful in reaching my long term goals.

Just because I gave in to a night on the couch, doesn't mean that I am any less motivated or any less deserving. I will continue on. I am continuing on. 

If there is one thing you can count on, it is that I will never give up.


  1. Amazing positive attitude. You're right, those days do happen, but it's how you handle them that are important. You handled it amazingly. :)

  2. I love your perspective, Kay! How is the Healthy Habits e-Course going for you? :)