Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cardio Sessions and Turkey Burgers

Let me start off with a recap of yesterday:

Monday, January 27th

Breakfast: 1 cup spinach, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 scoop protein powder, 1 banana
Lunch: Mindy's Turkey Chili
Dinner: 1 italian tomato, 1 cup lettuce, 1.5 cup yellow summer squash, 2 turkey burgers
Snacks: 1 colby jack cheese stick, 10 strawberries, 2 homemade egg rolls, 1.5 servings bacon, 1/4 cup wegmans beach mix, 5 hershey kisses

Workout: 15 minutes strength training

Calories in: 1674
Calories out: 50 (totally guessing)

I'm forgetting exactly what day I'm on, but I believe it has been five days of nutrition tracking and sticking to my intense accountability goals. I'm feeling really good about it!

I must confess something to you. Running on the treadmill has been at the bottom of my want-to-do list. However, I am scheduled to do a lot of 30 minute cardio sessions this week. I made sure to mark them as "cardio sessions" because I knew from the start that I wasn't feeling like running this week. I have been walking with some serious inclines, instead. Tonight was another walking session while I watched an episode of Parenthood. Is anybody else addicted to that show?

Last night's dinner was pretty awesome.

We tried turkey burgers for the first time. The texture is definitely different, but I really enjoyed the taste! I had mine on a bed of lettuce. Due to the texture, I think that's the best way to have it!

Have you tried turkey burgers?
How do you like to eat your turkey burgers?
How many calories do you typically burn during strength training workouts?


  1. I love turkey burgers! Although ground turkey is not as good to me. I only like it with certain meals like chili but I hate it with spaghetti.

  2. I don't eat red meat so if I ever crave a burger I either get a turkey burger or a veggie burger. Yum! We use ground turkey instead of ground beef in all our recipes. If you use it in tacos or chili it's awesome!